Killing Grouse for sport.

Killing Grouse for sport.

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There are just three active hen harrier nests left in England. PETER FROST is up in arms over the the shooting fraternity’s callous slaughter of wild birds in the name of so-called sport

Last week, as every year, August 12 — the far from glorious twelfth, marked the organised slaughter of thousands of specially bred grouse in the name of so-called sport.

The specially bred, docile and easy to shoot birds are driven across the sight lines of Bertie Woosteresque twerps with guns.

The day saw hundreds of these tweeded toffs, including plenty of Tory MPs and not a few government ministers, taking to the grouse moors of our countryside to blast as many small birds out of the sky as they possibly could.

The day will have cost each of them — or more likely their commercial or political sponsors — at least £2,000 per gun although most get…

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23rd February – Possible Slaty-backed Gull (?), Hartford County, CT

Happy Birding!

Naturescape Images

A small band of CT birders visited the Windsor landfill to look for a couple of potentially “good” gulls. Although gull numbers were low, there was a nice 2nd-cycle Kumlien’s Gull and the putative Slaty-backed “thingy” amongst them. Found initially by local birder Mark Szantyr, it had attracted attention during the week. Although Nick and I looked at it, we seemed suitably not bowled over since it seemed duller and more Herring Gull-like in certain lights and poses. However, there were definitely some good Slaty-backed traits, but the identification issue is clouded by the unfamiliarity with this taxon, especially in this plumage. When reviewing the images later, Nick and I became a little more convinced about it looking more Slaty-backed-like than initially thought. In some pictures, there seems to be a hint of a “string of pearls” on the inner primaries and are those rear scapulars good for Slaty-backed?. Comments…

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The Box, And Escape Therefrom: Frank Pinelander Sends

Western Rifle Shooters Association

republic of pineland

From a discussion about the current situation:

The Box is any and all things designed to get individuals into a mindset that traps them into a particular way of thinking and behaving.

Like the whole ‘Sky Is Falling’ crap. What does everyone do? They break off into their various factions from huddling in bunkers to forming militias. Stuck in reactive mode. Waiting for The Day. A day that will never come.

Then there are all the other mindsets on either side of the political spectrum.

If people would stop, and instead of seeing things from a Confirmation Bias standpoint, ponder not only “why do I feel this way”, juxtapose it against history and ask “why am I being MADE to feel this way” then they’d stop getting played and could actually start seeing solutions instead of problems/disaster.

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X marks the spot.

Habitats are ruined and reduction of habitats causing the birds to be marginalised ! Good to see them roaming around!

John Dempsey Birdblog


They have a tough time on our coast Ringed Plovers these days; too much disturbance in what few nesting territories are left, tidal surges wiping broods out etc etc, so it was a pleasant surprise to come across a family party skittering around one of our car parks early this morning, the adult birds’ strident distraction calls trying to deflect from the obvious position of their offspring.


Standing in the middle of a car park as vehicles began to arrive was hardly the best survival strategy and the “ringed” Ringed Plover (sorry) parents quickly got the three youngsters back onto slightly safer ground nearer the nest site.
Where are they you say? Best leave ’em in peace I say.
But X marks the spot.


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Resplendent quetzals in San Gerardo de Dota, Costa Rica

Costa Rica’sQuetzals are more fortunate, since Costa Rica marshalled funds by abolishing its army in 1948 to establish an extensive system of national parks and wildlife reserves to protect the habitat of the Quetzal.

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This video says about itself:

Wildlife, Hummingbirds and Resplendent Quetzal in San Gerardo de Dota, Costa Rica

27 March 2014. As I said in my earlier blog post, that morning we went to a resplendent quetzal nest in San Gerardo de Dota.

Resplendent quetzals make their nest in woodpeckers’ holes in trees, which they enlarge.

Resplendent quetzal tail, 27 March 2014

Male and female quetzals take turns at sitting on the eggs. The male’s tail is usually too long for the nest. So it sticks out, like at this nest.

This morning, the female left the nest at 5:15. The usual time for shifts on the nest is three hours.

Resplendent quetzal male's head and tail, 27 March 2014

At 9:07, so after almost four hours, the male gets his head out of the nest. What takes her so long in taking over?

Resplendent quetzal male on branch, 27 March 2014

Four minutes later, the male leaves the nest and sits down on a branch.

Resplendent quetzal male with tail, 27 March 2014

It is not easy to photograph a…

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Best North American Birding Websites

Natural History Wanderings

Websites that list top birding sites. Also included are links for  American Birding Association, Audubon and Audubon Magazine.

National Audubon Society largest national birding organization

American Birding Association

Audubon Magazine

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