Killing Grouse for sport.

Frostys ramblings a left look at life

There are just three active hen harrier nests left in England. PETER FROST is up in arms over the the shooting fraternity’s callous slaughter of wild birds in the name of so-called sport

Last week, as every year, August 12 — the far from glorious twelfth, marked the organised slaughter of thousands of specially bred grouse in the name of so-called sport.

The specially bred, docile and easy to shoot birds are driven across the sight lines of Bertie Woosteresque twerps with guns.

The day saw hundreds of these tweeded toffs, including plenty of Tory MPs and not a few government ministers, taking to the grouse moors of our countryside to blast as many small birds out of the sky as they possibly could.

The day will have cost each of them — or more likely their commercial or political sponsors — at least £2,000 per gun although most get…

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