The Box, And Escape Therefrom: Frank Pinelander Sends

Western Rifle Shooters Association

republic of pineland

From a discussion about the current situation:

The Box is any and all things designed to get individuals into a mindset that traps them into a particular way of thinking and behaving.

Like the whole ‘Sky Is Falling’ crap. What does everyone do? They break off into their various factions from huddling in bunkers to forming militias. Stuck in reactive mode. Waiting for The Day. A day that will never come.

Then there are all the other mindsets on either side of the political spectrum.

If people would stop, and instead of seeing things from a Confirmation Bias standpoint, ponder not only “why do I feel this way”, juxtapose it against history and ask “why am I being MADE to feel this way” then they’d stop getting played and could actually start seeing solutions instead of problems/disaster.

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