BARSKA Benchmark 25-125×88 Waterproof Straight Spotting Scope

Before going through the review We want to explain you the numbers that is accompanied with the model name. For BARSKA Benchmark 25-125×88 Waterproof Straight Spotting Scope here goes the explanation :

  • 25-125 gives us the optical zoom of the scope This depicts that the BARSKA is able to magnify an object 25 to 125 times.
  • 88 means the size of the aperture(in millimeters) .richie

Lets have a look at the features for which you would chose this model:

  • As a straight spotting scope, the eyes piece does not bend up or down. It can be balanced according to the comfort of the user.
  • Dynamic 88mm objective lens focusing system makes it easy to zoom in on target
  • Fully coated optics, gives you high quality magnification. Lens is also fog and water proof and with a life time guaranty.
  • 100-percent waterproof and fogproof. shock-absorbing rubber armor for rough conditions. Which will give you the necessary protection against hostile weather. It includes hard case which saves it from bump and damage.
  • You would care to include a tripod in your budget because this model includes a tabletop tripod with handheld mount.
  • Includes hard case and soft carrying case which is 13.2 inches long. Carrying with your outing would be a more comfortable with it .
  • Weight: 6.8 pounds



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